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Smile is a first person horror game that utilizes time management and fear of the unknown, along with semi-difficult gameplay, in order to create a truly haunting experience. 

Theodore has awoken inside of a strange location, unable to remember what has occurred or how he has gotten here. Quickly after, he realizes that the situation is not in his favor as he has to learn how to deal with some entities that do not appear to be the most friendly in nature. Fast reflexes and attention to detail may help him escape this new dilemma.

Smile touches on some topics that include mental health and addiction. Therefore if you are sensitive to these topics, then please proceed with caution. 

Smile is being created solely by 1 person. From game design and development, all the way thru to publishing on itch.io. So if you did enjoy the experience, please consider leaving a donation on this itch.io page. It would greatly help the developer improve the quality of the game and show your support for the project!

Otherwise … Keep On Smiling!


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SKIP TO 11:29!!!

Awesome stuff my dude. Glad that you came back to finish off the demo! Fixing the low fps on the apartment is definitely on my list! Keep on killing those horror games!

Gave it a go...


Thanks for playing it! I will definitely check out your video tonight! I found a couple bugs in that build that were causing some troubles so I hope that they didn't impact your gameplay too much! Cheers and look forward to the video!

Very cool game, can't believe you've done everything yourself! The details in the game and art style is so nice and the eerie music fits perfectly with the fact that you have to shake your flashlight to keep it going.

Will there be a version for the Mac in the future? :)

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

Appreciate the positive words! It has been quite an adventure to get the game this far considering it is my first game to develop ever. 

As far as a version for the mac. I currently do not own a Mac computer therefore I cannot build for Macs from the Unreal Engine. Further into development I plan on acquiring one but at the present moment there will not be a Mac version for a while. 

I will definitely check out Game Development World Championship tonight. Sounds like it would be very interesting and quite fun. Cheers!

Great! :)

Really Nice project thanks Dev for this game. This one got me :))

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Will definitely be checking out your video tonight!